Of Noble Strength

In a state of tranquility and calm you entered the room. Wearing as a halo the promise of joy and acceptance. Your tiny form already embracing your charge, to be of noble strength.

In supplication of hope and faith I welcomed you. Wearing as a badge the commitment to love and protect you. My grown form embracing the charge, to be of noble strength.


Never underestimate.


Never underestimate.

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Calvin and Meg

Dawn crept into the room, touching first the headboard and moving toward the nightstands, illuminating stacks of science journals, scraps of note paper and diagrams of the tesseracts.

The tesseracts. The reason we were thrown into this relationship which has seen us through years as high-school sweethearts ushering us to this new experience of newly wed and completely unprepared.

I love Calvin. And with joy, I call him my husband, I awake each day grateful that he is mine.

But this morning, I awake with nothing but words, tumbling around in my mind, grabbing my hand and leading me toward a place of great frustration and disappointment.

"A unicorn?"
"That’s a bit far-fetched, don’t you think?"
"Do you really believe Charles Wallace?"
"Are you sure it wasn’t a dream?"

My heart skipped beats unlike they’ve ever skipped beats in his presence, rather than skipping in meadows of sunshine and understanding, the beats skipped to a standstill, in shock.

How had the history which we had shared, the truths which, until now he’d seemed to hold with greater firmness and clarity than I was personally capable of, fallen to pieces right before my eyes.

With the increasing presence of day seeping onto the bed spread the man whom I loved began to stir. With drowsy eyes he met my gaze and in an instant recalled the disheartening conversation of the night prior.

A single-tear slid from the tip of my nose landing on the linen his mother had gifted us. He gently placed his index finger on my nose, smiled gently and rather speaking with his words entered into my being, as we had done many times with our understanding of kything, and offered my heart, my mind and my soul the sweet release I had awaited through the duration of the darkness.


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Spiritual Mentor

You, dear friend, are an asset to my health.

But not my physical health. No.
Rather, by spiritual health. Yes.

You, dear friend, are an asset to my spiritual health.
You are a woman who has committed
to loving me.
to guiding me.
to praying for me.
to encouraging me.
to exemplifying grace for me.
to serving me.
to dining with me.
to laughing with me.
to supporting me.
to knowing me.

Truly knowing me.

In you, I have seen the truth of words spoken, heard and recorded in read - words which have been attributed to a Savior to whom you have continually pointed me toward while never lessening your grip on grace, allowing me to be where I am and go where I go with a consistency of faith and grace. You have been the friend, the mentor, the example, the sister I have needed.

I have watched you enter your own seasons, in different patterns, with different purposes, in different expectations and have seen you tackle, struggle, seek, find, let go and believe. I have seen the choices you make, I have taken note, I have remembered.

And now, I thank you.

For you, dear friend, are an asset to my health.

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